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Cascade delete option in Ax 2012

Cascade delete option in Ax 2012 . You can apply as below image for your tables.


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Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start in Ax 2012

If you are getting error on starting Ax 2012 Server and Error code is  Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start in Ax 2012. Solutions: 1. Your Dependencies from Properties..Its RPC and Mssql server just check if other services are activated or not. 2. Right click on (MSSQLSERVER) services go to log on tab enter your new password then start (MSSQLSERVER) services then try starting your AX. It might work. 3,"Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start." The error says that there are some dependent services which need to be started before starting this service. Right click on the Dynamics Service and Properties - where you can see the dependencies. For Dynamics service the dependencies are - Remote Procedure Call and SQL server services.Check whether the status of the dependent services. 4.Did you change your machine password If yes then change all the password in services for dynamics ax as well as sql server then Check wh

Code to get opening balance for Ledger Main account in Ax 2012

If you want to check opening balance for particular main account then you can check below code to get the same. This is sample Code to get opening balance for Ledger Main account in Ax 2012. LedgerBalanceMainAccountAmounts ledgerBalance; AmountMst opSum; ; ledgerBalance = LedgerBalanceMainAccountAmounts::construct(); ledgerBalance.parmIncludeRegularPeriod(true); ledgerBalance.parmIncludeOpeningPeriod(true); ledgerBalance.parmIncludeClosingPeriod(false); ledgerBalance.parmAccountingDateRange(mkDate(01,01,2000), mkDate(31,12,2017)); ledgerBalance.calculateBalance(MainAccount::findByMainAccountId('1123333')); opSum = ledgerBalance.getAccountingCurrencyBalance(); info(num2str(opSum,10,2,1,1));

Code to get Sales order Total Value in Axapta | calculate total for sales order

This is sample Code to get Sales order Total Value in Axapta. You can try this job in Your Ax environment to check all vales . It will work well with open and Invoiced status sales order I hope it will help you and save your lot of time. static void SalesTotalAmountJOb(Args _args) { SalesTotals salesTotals; SalesTable salesOrderTable; SalesLine salesLine; TaxAmountCur salesAmt,taxAmount,amt1,discountAmt,totcharges,totOfOrder,contributionRatio; Tax tax; ; salesOrderTable = SalesTable::find("TD_SO_00069218"); salesLine = SalesLine::find(salesOrderTable.SalesId); salesTotals = SalesTotals::construct(salesOrderTable); tax = Tax::construct(NoYes::No); salesAmt = salesTotals.totalBalance(); taxAmount = salesTotals.totalTaxAmount(); discountAmt = salesTotals.totalEndDisc(); totcharges = salesTotals.totalMarkup(); totOfOrder = salesTotals.totalAmount(); contribut