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Sales order posting Error - Voucher do not balance as per date in axapta 2012

Problem-How to get rid of this error if its coming while doing the sales invoice . "The transactions on voucher V-00001 do not balance as per 4/11/2014. (accounting currency: -1111- reporting currency: -232) " . 


1.Exchange rate setup , number sequence of invoice voucher, currency rounding all are done correctly , but still this error exists

2.Define currency for each account..or go in currency setup and check currency and rounding up rules

3.Check with penny difference in GL

4.Check there is proper conversion exchange rate defined for reporting currencies.

5. Check Rounding of option of for primary and reporting currencies both.

6.Check all the posting accounts defined in Posting profiles

7.check COGS, Customer, issue, revenue accounts are mapped.

8.Check primary and reporting currency has proper exchange rates and rounding rules defined.

9.Try to increase the value in the penny difference and then post the sales invoice.

10. Make sure of proper 
a) currency rounding rules 
b) posting profile accounts and last i Run -> Generate Full CIL.

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