Monday, January 4, 2016

Get or split values start and end from range in Ax 2012

This is code sample to Get or split values from range in Ax 2012. For example you provided range from 100 to 110 and want both value start value and end value in some variable then you can use container to split range values.

  str            range;  
   str            startValue,endValue;  
   List           ledgerRange= new list(Types::String);  
   ListIterator      listiterator;  
   container       con;  
     range = "100..110";  
     rangevalue= strSplit(range,"..");  
      listiterator = new listiterator(rangevalue);  
       con += listiterator.value();;  
    startValue = conpeek(con,1);  
    endValue = conPeek(con,3);