Friday, May 8, 2015

Which one better Oracle or Axapta ERP

Comparison of Oracle Vs Axapta ERP

1.Dynamics AX is much better than oracle because Microsoft is a complete package in itself, and you can connect any Microsoft product without any problem. Compatibility is very high. Easy implementation./

2.Apart from compatibility, easy and built-in connections strings between different products of Microsoft i.e. MS office, operating system, SharePoint, SQL server and above all SSRS etc are other thing we can quote in favor of AX.

3.If Dynamics AX fits you why go to another costly ERP , then the budget and your long term plan as the support also matter after this and the consultant price differ and if you will hire a consultant in house or hire a company.

4.Microsoft dynamics AX everything that oracle can give and plus easy integration with other MS products and on top of it providing the functionality cheaper that ORACLE can dream of

5.Easy customization, drag and drop kind of GUI menus. Faster and easy to use. No need to have thicker client. No need to be a smart user. AX is the best.

6. Axapta is user More friendly than oracle.

You can see rating in following figure.

Ax vs Oracle rating

ERP Comparison 

ERP Comparison