Thursday, February 26, 2015

Index Tips for Performance improvement in Axapta

There are some Index Tips for Performance improvement in Axapta. You need to take care on index creation.

1. To create Index on table you can go to particular table from AOT then go Index then right click then create new Index.

You should apply naming convention for index as per column added in to index.

Table Index

2. You need to maintain sequence of column in index as suggested through sql performance tuning adviser. There is include column option available in Ax 2012 but in Ax 2009 include column option is not available.

Include column

3. If there is recid field inclusion in index then please avoid this column to include in index because its unique filed and system maintain auto index creation if you select property createrecidx on table to yes .

4. Do not include dataareaid in index column because system take this column by default on all index.

5.After index creation synchronize table from AOT and re-index the table.