Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some important interview question and answers on queries in axapta technical

Q) why do we use queries?
Ans:queries are user interactive, faster, compiles, reusable components
query, queryrun,querybuilddatasource,querybuildrange

Q) what is difference between temporary table and container???
Ans:when there  are more than 50 columns then  we go for  temp tables
and also there are some advantages using temp tables - we can create index, methods , fieldgroups

Q) How  do u share tables across the companies????
Ans: Tablecollections and virtual companies

Q) when is configuration key used??
Ans:To  enable  and disable the features for all  users [tables, fields, indexes, form controls, edt.enum...etc]
Security  key   for   set  of  users  or  usergroups
- tables, forms, report, menuitems etc
RLS [Record level security]

Q) What are display methods?
Ans:Display  methods  will help you to show the data from some other table or hard-coded strings..these are not bound controls and we cannot use filter or sorting options