Sunday, December 22, 2013

Steps to install EP in Ax 2012

1) Custom Installation makes you to install components required for the particular instance.
2) A minimum installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX consists of a business database, a model store, an instance of Application Object Server (AOS), and at least one client
3) Setup will now check for prerequisite. If not present, one have to select the configure checkbox and click on configure button.
4) Create new database
5) Select server name and provide the database name.
6) Select Additional Models
8) Configure AOS instance
9) Specify AOS Account
10) In the next screen it will again check for prerequisite and final install it.
EP Installation
1) Run the setup of AX and select the components of EP.
2) It will validate the prerequisite as follows.
a. The main prerequisite for EP is Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010
b. After installing Share point
i. Go to Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 products.
ii. Sharepoint 2010 Central Administrator.
iii. Application Management
iv. Manage Web Application
v. Create new web application, following window will appear, enter the IIS Site name and Apllication pool name and the port number which is not in use.
vi. A new web application will be seen in the Web Application content.
vii. Now create a site collection which is present on Central Administrator > Application Management > Create Site collection
viii. As the new site gets created, your site should open as follows.
c. The other prerequisite “Microsoft VS 2010 SP1” will take a longer time if VS is not upgraded.
3) MS VS 2010 SP1 setup
4) It will check for prerequisite
5) Configure a web site for Help Server, select web site you created above.
6) Select language.
7) Configure a web site for enterprise portal
8) Finally a window will open as follows. Click install.
9) It will take some time and following window will appear

System administration > Setup > Enterprise Portal > Web Sites And click on view in browser.