Thursday, November 21, 2013

Assign multiple human resource on the same operation in route.

Resources with the same capability by example two labor in packing operation.

In this case we have two options ,1st is to define capability group for packing labors or do not work with capability and define resource group for packing labors then assign the group "capability , resource" to the packing operation and in rout line type in quantity 2 which mean i need 2 labors from this group to this operation and load here if 100 % then the process time will be divided by 2 and so on.

Option 2 : if you want to assign specific resource " labor xyz and labor abc .

In this case just define packing operation twice one is primary and second in secondary then in route line select resource xyz to primary operation and assign resource abc to secondary operation and for sure process time for secondary operation will be copied from primary.

Here it depends in your way to define the resources either you are defining the resources in groups general then combine it by capability or directly working with resource groups.