Questions and answers on Data Dictionary in axapta 2012

1. Put the following steps in order to create a new Primary Index in a table.
6 : Set the Primary Index on the Table to the Unique Index
2 : Set the name for the new index
1 : Create a new index
5 : Synchronize the AOT
3 : Set the Allow Duplicates property on the index to No
4 : Add the primary key field(s) to the index

2. Which of the following are allowable data types for an index?
( ) String, Integer, Real, and Container
( ) String, Enumerated, Real, and Memo
(•) String, Integer, Real, and Enumerated
( ) Memo, Container, Map, and integer

3. Which of the following nodes are required to define a table? (Select all thatnapply)
(√) Fields
(√) Field Groups
( ) Maps
( ) Enumerated data type