Friday, February 22, 2013

Question and answer on Ax workflow 2012

1. Which system-wide features are supported in workflow? (Select all that apply)
(√) Financial dimension
(√) Organization model
(√) Security
(√) Relational database

2. Match the workflow features to their descriptions
e 1. Advanced flow controls
c 2. Line level workflow
b 3. Work item queue
d 4. AOS hosting
a 5. Graphical workflow editor
a. Canvas based drag-and-drop interface for creating workflows.
b. Group of users that workflow tasks can be assigned to.
c. Workflow processes run at the line level rather than at the header.
d. Workflow moved from the IIS to the AOS.
e. Controls to allow for branching and decisionmaking within workflows.

3. Which tool is used to find the status of an individual workflow?
(•) Workflow history
( ) Workflow task list
( ) Performance
( ) Batch job history
4. What are the advantages of moving workflow from the IIS to the AOS?
(Select all that apply)
(√) Simplified set up.
( ) Multi-threading.
( ) 64-bit support.
(√) Fewer components to break in production.

5. What do workflow Performance Analysis Reports measure? (Select all thatapply)
(√) How much work is done using the workflow.
( ) How many workflows are set up.
(√) How much time is spent to perform the business tasks that comprise the workflow.
( ) How long workflow code takes to run.