Friday, February 10, 2012

Layers In Ax 2012

There are three layers available only to Microsoft to deliver the base application.


SYS, SYP System layer:
The standard application is developed in this lowest layer. This includes the core application and the localization for most countries.

GLS, GLP Globalization layer: Includes features developed for some countries that were not yet moved into the SYS layer.

FPK, FPP Feature Pack layer: Includes industry feature packs that are controlled by Microsoft.

There are three layers available to partners and ISVs.

SLN, SLP Solution layer:
Includes Microsoft endorsed industry solutions.

ISV, ISP Independent Software Vendor layer:
Includes generic or vertical solutions developed by ISV's.

VAR,VAP Value Added Reseller layer:
 Includes multi-customer solutions developed by VAR's.

There are two layers available to both partners and customers who have a license to access the AX source code.

CUS, CUP Customer layer: Includes customer specific functionality.
USR, USP User layer: Includes installation specific functionality and customizations