Friday, January 1, 2016

Hints and steps to install Ax 2012 in Windows 8

Following are the Hints and steps to install Ax 2012 in Windows 8

1.Installation is easy but first of all you have to be aware regarding prerequisites and the platform, where you are going to run AX.

a)  Microsoft .NET Framework
Most Microsoft Dynamics AX components, including the Setup wizard, require .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1. For those components that require.NET Framework 4.0, it is listed as an additional requirement in this document.
b)         Microsoft Windows® Installer 3.1 or Windows Installer 4.0

c)Additional requirements
·         .NET Framework 4.0 with the hotfix from Knowledge Base article number 2390372.
·         Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client

2.First of all if you want to make your system stand alone, then you need to attach a domain with your client. for that thing you need to install windows server 2008R2/Windows server 2012 R2, then you can connect with this. or if you want to install directly in the Windows 8 then there is a trick by which you can trickly attach or connect domain or you can say you can pass domain name. (For this you can search for some videos or steps by which you can easily do that). Then only you can install AX. Also you have to be aware about the versions of AX that which version you want to install. Then you have to install or configure the prerequisites.

3. You can check following screen for available component to install
setup component

4.You need to validate following component either by download from internet or from software you have.