Monday, December 1, 2014

Limitation of SSRS in Ax 2012

I did not work much on SSRS in Ax 2012 but whatever I worked I experienced that SSRS Report main limitation is Performance point.

If you are using temporary table to show data in SSRS report in Ax 2012 then  loading data to report takes more time and mostly Ax developer used temporary table funda in DP class to show data in report because its easy just insert data to temp table.  If there are lac nos of records then you will be frustrate on ssrs reports.

Second things is its become timeout sometimes if its take more time to show data.

Other limitation is showing data properly and printing data to a4 size paper then there is chalange to fit report in a4 and letter size paper. There may be some blank pages in between pages.

Last chalange I face that some times lable of field show numbers instead of description so you need to do restart service type activity to correct this.