Monday, February 3, 2014

Error on Installing Ax 2012 Demo on personal Computer

You may face error during starting of Ax 2012 AOS service AX on the demo it tells you that the application object server is unavailable. check your configuration and network connection and try again so logically it's a service problem so when you check on the Object Server service You will see that it's status is Starting when it should be started or running when you want to restart it all the buttons are grey !


You need to check application path and database path. is it attached in server configuration correctly.
You need  have administration rights. You need to log in with Admin only and try.

If you running AX 2012 R2 it need 16GB ram as per Microsoft Curriculum. If RAM is below 16 GB then Its not a problem, it is because of RAM, You allow some time to it, it will start automatically.