Friday, February 22, 2013

organization hierarchy Question and answer for Axapta 2012

1. This entity replaces the companies that were used in earlier versions. Legal

2. This type of unit is used to divide the control of economic resources and operational processes in a business. Operating

3. A semi-autonomous operating unit that is created to meet strategic business objectives. Business

4. Represents a category or functional part of an organization that performs a specific task. Department

5. An operating unit whose managers are accountable for budgeted and actual expenditures. (Two words) CostCenter

6. An operating unit that controls one or more production flows. (Two words) ValueStream

7. An organization whose members share a common responsibility, interest, or objective. Team

8. Which of the following actions is not possible to make to an organization hierarchy.
( ) View or change a hierarchy as of any future date.
( ) View or change a hierarchy as of an effective date that has been published.
(•) Publish
( ) Delete the last effective date that was published for a hierarchy.

9. Organizations in a hierarchy can share which of the following? (Select all that apply)
(√) Parameters
(√) Policies
( ) Departments
(√) Transactions

10. Which of the following actions can be completed to an organization hierarchy that you are editing? (Select all that apply)
(√) Add operating units.
(√) Remove operating units.
(√) Change the position of operating units.
( ) Change the name of operation units.