Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bill of Materials or BOM overview question and answer

1. What does a BOM define?
A BOM defines the components needed for a product.

2. How many levels can BOMs consist of?
BOMs can consist of as many levels as is necessary.

3. Which form in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides a graphical overview of a BOM?
The BOM designer lets users graphically create new BOM versions and change existing versions.

4. What are BOM lines?
The lines in the BOM are the individual items (or components) that make up the BOM.

5. Which of the following are the BOM line types that are used in a BOM? (Select all that apply)
(√) Item
(√) Phantom
( ) Kanban
( ) Service

6. Which are the locations from where you can create BOMs? (Select all that apply)
(√) Released products list page
( ) Designer
( ) BOM line
(√) Bills of materials form

7. What are the purposes of having version control with BOMs? (Select all that apply)
( ) It lets users independently sell, revise, or plan sub-BOMs in alignment with the parent production
(√) It lets users make ongoing changes to the item and to use different configurations depending on the manufacturing circumstance
( ) It keeps history of all BOM versions that are created
(√) It supports phasing out of old components so that new components can start to be produced or bought