Sunday, March 11, 2012

Error object does not have method parm AIF in Axapta

How this error may occur:

IF you need to outbound few information along with customer table whereas those fields are not a part of custTable. Somewhere it said that, adding a parm<someName>() in the AxCustTable will make the <someName> available as a field in the outbound document policy in AIF and it worked. But during sending document for outbound, an error throws as follows.

Error executing code: AxCustTable object does not have method 'parm<someName>'

How to handle this when we need to send these kind of info, display/calculated, using XML file adapter in Ax 2012.


 Try deleting the AIF service and regenerate the service altogether. It should create the parm methods for all the fields including customized too and probably work for you too. Don't forget to compile and compile forward the class.  - Take proper backup of the objects before performing the above steps