Friday, November 11, 2016

List of Companies working in NAV and CRM in India



Monday, October 24, 2016

How to delete a company in Microsoft Management Reporter 2012

1.       Make a complete backup of your Management Reporter database in SQL.
2.       Start the Configuration Console.
3.       Under Management Reporter Services, click Companies.
a.       Before you can delete a company, you must remove all associations with any tree or report definitions.

Delete Company

4.       Select the company that you want to delete.


5.       Click Delete Company.

Microsoft Management Reporter 2012

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Select Which ERP and why

1. Very small organization where other than accounts other departmental functions like sales-distribution, purchase, stores-inventory, production, fixed asset, supply chain , financial decision making is not that important they can carry on with TALLY or Tally ERP but who have such operation or will have in future should use Matured ERP like Dynamics Ax,SAP ,Infor etc.

2. Who have out grown with tally or tally ERP and don't want to waste time and money just by implementing cheap local ERP and cant's afford Branded ERP should go with domestic matured solution like NAVISION.

3. People should not choose ERP because of the product itself but choosing right vendor is more important as after implementation support ensures your investment was right or have gone wrong.

4. Branded ERP helps in building image of the company as well as to the users but the organization needs to change its way of operation as per the software which is not the case with Domestic Matured ERP where they map the system as per company's operation. Any parameter, configuration is normally free if no not customization required.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Upload License in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

To Upload License in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012  you need to  follow below steps.

Go To System administration > Setup > Licensing > License information.
Then Click Load license file to import the license codes from a file and select license file.
Then Click on OK button.

Ax 2012 License
Then message will appear and asks whether you want to synchronize the database.
Click Yes and complete the process.

Ax 2012 Load License

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Code to set range in lookup for SSRS Report in Ax 2012

This is sample Code to set range in lookup for SSRS Report in Ax 2012 in UI Builder class.

First create lookup method in this sample code EmpLookUp is method for lookup then using post build and build method you can get lookup with range.

 public void build()  
   contract              = this.dataContractObject();  
   dialogReportNatureofSaration    = this.addDialogField(methodStr(TestSummaryContract, parmModeofSeparation),contract);  
   dialogreportEmpCode         = this.addDialogField(methodStr(TestSummaryContract, parmEmpId),contract);  
 private void EmpLookUp(FormStringControl EmpLookUp)  
   Query          query = new Query();  
   QueryBuildDataSource  queryBuildDataSource;  
   QueryBuildDataSource  queryBuildDataSourceLocal;  
   QueryBuildRange     queryBuildRange;  
   SysTableLookup     sysTableLookup;  
     queryBuildDataSourceLocal = query.addDataSource(tableNum(TestTransactions));  
     queryBuildDataSourceLocal.addRange(fieldNum(TestTransactions, EosTransType)).value(SysQuery::value(dialogReportNatureofSaration.value()));  
 public void getFromDialog()  
   contract = this.dataContractObject();  
 public void postBuild()  
   dialogReportNatureofSaration  = this.bindInfo().getDialogField(this.dataContractObject(),methodStr(TestSummaryContract, parmModeofSeparation));  
   dialogreportEmpCode       = this.bindInfo().getDialogField(this.dataContractObject(),methodStr(TestSummaryContract, parmEmpId));  
   dialogreportEmpCode.registerOverrideMethod(methodStr(FormStringControl, lookup), methodStr(TestSummaryUIBuilder,EmpLookUp), this);