Saturday, January 19, 2013

MB6-869 Certification Sample questions answer for Architecture,Data Dictionary,User Interface and security

MB6-869 Certification Sample questions answers for Architecture,Data Dictionary,User Interface and security

What is displayed in the Application Object Tree? (Select all that apply)
(√) Tables
(√) Forms
(√) Menus
(√) Visual Studio Projects

Which tools can developers use to write Microsoft Dynamics AX business
logic? (Select all that apply)
( ) Microsoft Office
(√) Visual Studio
(√) MorphX IDE
( ) SQL Server

Which of the following are allowable data types for an index?
( ) String, Integer, Real, and Container
( ) String, Enumerated, Real, and Memo
(•) String, Integer, Real, and Enumerated
( ) Memo, Container, Map, and integer

Which of the following nodes are required to define a table? (Select all that
(√) Fields
(√) Field Groups
( ) Maps
( ) Enumerated data types

What are the five elements that make up a form?
( ) Methods, Data Sources, Views, Parts and Fields
(•) Designs, Methods, Data Sources, Parts and Permissions
( ) Display Menu Items, Data Sources, Methods, Enums and Designs
( ) Jobs, Menu Items, Classes, Parts and Macros

How can the Area Pages be customized?
( ) By making changes to the Areas node in the AOT
(•) By making changes to the Menus that the Areas page will
automatically be generated from
( ) By setting the IsDisplayedInContentArea property of the Navigation
( ) The Area Pages cannot be changed

Which of the following are available Form Templates? (Select all that apply)
(√) ListPage
( ) TransactionPage
( ) WebPage
(√) SimpleListDetails

Which of the following are available Menu Items? (Select all that apply)
(√) Display Menu Items
(√) Output Menu Items
( ) Project Menu Items
(√) Action Menu Items

What are the base roles which every internal employee should be assigned?
(Select all that apply)
( ) System administrator
(√) System user
(√) Employee
( ) Vendor

Which of these are entry points? (Select all that apply)
(√) Web content items
(√) Menu items
( ) Forms
(√) Service operations